Isabelle De Vaugelas - Diététicienne nutritionniste à Paris
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Isabelle de Vaugelas


Doctor of Pharmacy for over 25 years and dietician for over 10 years, I am convinced that an adapted diet is a medium of vitality, health and longevity. Helping you prevent and treat symptoms and to get back to an ideal weight through a rediscovered balanced diet is my passion. What could be more satisfying than helping someone finding peace and harmony with their diet?
Isabelle de Vaugelas's book

My book

With this cookbook and its creative recipes filled in micronutrients, one recipe more delicious than the next, I invite you to discover a world of reinvented flavours.

Isabelle de Vaugelas sur le plateau de France 5


Building awareness, motivating, training the general public or your staff about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet through interviews, conferences, events or healthy cooking workshops.

Plusieurs sortes de pain

Cooking Workshops

Successfully baking a cake with gluten-free flours, knowing how to use oils such as camelina, rapeseed, hemp, using plant-based milks and adopting food-friendly cooking processes… These are all questions or health situation where cooking can change everything…

Plusieurs plats cuisinés


Through a consultation and the support I’m offering, the main goal is to reconnect with your plate to find pleasure, health and a new balance through food!

Would you like to meet me for a consultation?

Appointments available at my practices (in Bois-Colombes and Paris) or by phone with the apps WhatsApp and Skype.