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Cooking Workshops

Cooking Workshops “Health and Well-being”:

Cook differently in different circumstances:

  • problems with food intolerance
  • digestive and intestinal disorders
  • impaired glucose tolerance
  • cardiovascular pathologies
  • lose weight durably – KAIZEN NUTRITION WORKSHOP on the 9th of September in Asnières sur Seine, France
  • in the context of bringing baby home.

The workshops allow you to:

  • discover the nutritional benefits of different types of food
  • preparing creative recipes, which are simple to cook again
  • go back home with ideas of menus adapted to your issue

Cooking Workshops “Health from Around the World”:

Draw inspiration from travelling by incorporating new ingredients with very interesting nutritional values, for a new gourmand balance.

  • Vegetarian cuisine, with cereals, legumes and soy; a good opportunity to approach vegetarianism, which is good for the planet and your health.
  • Land and sea cuisine, with meats, poultry, fishes, seaweed, herbs and spices for flavourful dishes.
  • Revisited French cuisine to adapt it to our nutrition and health objectifs: menus from the Mediterranean, from Brittany and even from Burgundy or the South-West.
  • Exotic cuisine, with regions where culinary tradition are perfectly aligned with the last discoveries of health food in Japan (Okinawa centenaries), North Africa and the Middle East (Mediterranean diet).
Photo d’un atelier cuisine
Photo d’un plat cuisiné en atelier
Photo d’un atelier cuisine

The cooking workshops take place in Paris or Tokyo.

The number of spaces is limited. Prices vary depending on the menu, from 60 to 95 euros per person, depending on the time of the workshop and the ingredients used.

Please do get in touch for any requests.

Would you like to meet me for a consultation?

Appointments available at my practices (in Bois-Colombes and Paris) or by phone with the apps WhatsApp and Skype.