Consulting and Communication - Isabelle de Vaugelas
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Consulting and Communication

Building awareness, motivating, training the general public or your staff about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet through interviews, conferences, events or healthy cooking workshops.


TV on France 5

Contributor in the programme “La Quotidienne” besides cooks, about the nutritional benefits of foods.

1st Fair “Journées Zen et Bien-Être” organized by the magazine Elle

19th of May 2017, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, open to the public
Panellist in the debate : « How to be zen in your plate at the age of new food fads (no gluten, no sugar, vegan, detox therapies…)? »

“Taste of Paris” festival at the Grand Palais

20th of May 2017
Book signing of my book “Cuisine Kaizen”, Editions Albin Michel, at the ephemeral culinary bookshop


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A review from L’Oréal occupational physician:

“Food is an integral part of our health, our balance and our well-being. L’Oréal, as a company wishes to provide its employees with a diversified and quality catering service.

Beyond the alternative and traditional catering offer, with butcher, fish, vegetarian, world cuisine spaces, we offer animations throughout the year to build the awareness of our employees and make them discover all the benefits of food and the richness of different ingredients.

Isabelle de Vaugelas has been offering for the past few years, during the week “Health, well-being and nutrition by Cosmétique Active”, in an original and delicious way, conferences adapted to the needs of the employees, tasting workshops and one-on-one interviews.

She has also performed quality audits of the company restaurant, therefore contributing for a better quality of work life.”

Dr. Le GRELLE – Occupational physician, L’Oréal

A review from Aviva Assurance occupational physician:

“In a consultation or in a conference, Isabelle de Vaugelas is “THE” nutritionist to have on your side.

She is interesting, warm and efficient.”

Yvette Goetschel – occupational physician / Aviva Assurance

Theme conferences:

  • Food and well-being: tips to stay at the top all day long
  • How to healthily manage your weight?
  • Well-being food, a tool to better manage your stress
  • An adapted plate to regain energy and vitality
  • Sleep, stress and food: restore your balance
  • Immunonutrition: how to boost your resistance to winter pathologies?
  • 21st century food: discover the 8 keys of healthy food
  • Food and longevity: the secrets of Okinawa island in 10 key factors
Affiche d’une conférence « Comment gérer mon poids sainement ? »
Affiche d’une conférence « Comment booster sa résistance aux pathologies hivernales ? »
Affiche d’une conférence « Alimentation et bien-être »

Animations at company restaurants:

  • Around themed menus: a menu 100% Japanese
  • During product launches: creation of original dishes
  • Creation of a Quality Commitment Charter: a collaborative work between the kitchen and the guests
  • Public awareness program “Balance in my plate”
  • Development of the concept “Nutrition week”: 5 days to create emotion around our plate, by welcoming guests at the entrance of the restaurant with beautiful surprises
  • 5 food families from the plant world (legumes, herbs and spices, ancient vegetables, fruits…)
  • 5 healthy foods with nutritional benefits with product discovery, recipes (seaweed, avocado, coconut, soy…)
  • Creation of the offer “A wellbeing day” with posters and menus adapted to the three meals: breakfast in the cafeteria; lunch at the company restaurant, wellbeing break in a meeting and creation of a recipe booklet for balanced dinners at home, at the restaurant, or at the “Apéritif”.
Image d’Isabelle de Vaugelas en cuisine
Image d’animations en restaurant d’entreprise
Image d’un panier avec plusieurs produits

Consultation days for employees:

30 minutes personalised appointments for an assessment about a specific issue.


New products like fruit and vegetable juices, new recipes like scented oils…


Creating an event and playing it with the employees.

Would you like to meet me for a consultation?

Appointments available at my practices (in Bois-Colombes and Paris) or by phone with the apps WhatsApp and Skype.