About - Isabelle de Vaugelas
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Doctor of Pharmacy for over 25 years and dietician for over 10 years, I am convinced that an adapted diet is a medium of vitality, health and longevity. Helping you prevent and treat symptoms and to get back to an ideal weight through a rediscovered balanced diet is my passion. What could be more satisfying than helping someone finding peace and harmony with their diet?

3 reasons to book a consultation with me

My dual training as Doctor of Pharmacy and Dietician-nutritionist gives me a good understanding of the relationships between diseases and nutrition.

Furthermore, my professional and personal life experience provide me with the necessary hindsight to integrate everyone’s demands. I like to listen and then to accompany people, so that they understand and manage to apply their new eating habits for a renewed and lasting health.

Finally, I do not believe in restrictive diets, which are inadequate, and even dangerous for health. I offer a balanced and varied diet – combining all food categories (cereals, pulses, meats, fishes, dairy products, oils…)- and most importantly a nutrient-rich diet (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, probiotics, of which we are generally lacking of…).

“Out! Empty calories… empty of micronutrients that are so lacking in our 21st century diet.”

What I’m not? Excessive

I respect everyone’s choices: vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous… I am in fact quite pragmatic, and I first look at motivations and symptoms, before offering solutions. I do not think that any food is “toxic”, even if nowadays, gluten, lactose or meat have a bad reputation. I think that it is all a matter of balance and that the quality of food is essential (growing methods, manufacturing). The nutritional solutions that I propose are recognized in preventive medicine.

What are the main reasons for my patients to come for a consultation?

  • To regulate transient digestive disorders (bloating, gastric reflux, nausea, constipation, diarrhoea, food intolerance) or digestive pathologies (IBD, UC, Crohn’s disease, polyps);
  • To learn how to eat a balanced diet and to regain a good vitality in the case of fatigue, burnout;
  • To accompany pathologies (cancer, CVDs, diabetes, thyroid diseases, articular pathologies, autoimmune diseases);
  • To regain and lastingly keep an ideal weight and stop doing the yo-yo.

Indeed, our lifestyles, our environment and our behaviour generate metabolic disorders, nutritional and micronutrient deficiencies, leading to different kinds of symptomatology. Nutrition is key to regaining good health.

“ To be fit, thin and full of vitality. “Diets“ do not work, because the problem runs deeper than that: it is about durably reviewing our diets, without frustration, but rather with pleasure and indulgence. ”

Of Mediterranean origin, I grew up with spices, vegetables, fishes and olive oil… a cuisine that is recognized nowadays as healthy nutrition.

A 5-year expatriation in Japan gave me the opportunity to discover a new cuisine and flavour universe, which is also always beautifully displayed. I have studied the healthy eating model of Okinawa centenarians in Japan; a diet made up of fatty fish, tofu, green tea, seaweed and mushrooms.

And finally, I love to cook (and to eat), and I always suggest easy and quick recipes for balanced meals, whose ingredients quality is wisely selected: I recommend reading my book Cuisine KAIZEN.

How do I work?

I take time with you to understand your demands (information collection, food journal, micronutrient profile questionnaire, and sometimes nutritional biological analysis).

My objective is always to try to reduce/remove the cause of a symptom, to lastingly establish ameliorations. For example, if you snack compulsively in the evening, I will look at what we can modify ahead, to reduce these compulsions.

Through our discussions, you will understand better your behaviour towards food and will adapt it depending on the dietary diagnosis that we will establish together. This process will help you become in control of your health!

“Driven by the emotion of the eating pleasure, I am looking forward to meeting you to help you find a nutritional balance to guarantee…”

What are my certifications?

Doctor of Pharmacy and Graduate of the University of Créteil (France) as Dietician-nutritionist.

I am also the holder of a University Diploma in Healthy Food and Micronutrition.

I am part of the group “MediPrevent” (analysis in Individualized Nutritional and Functional Biology).

I am also an authorized practitioner of “Bye-Bye Allergie” (BBA).

Adherent of the ADL, “Association des diététiciennes libérales”.

Would you like to meet me for a consultation?

Appointments available at my practices (in Bois-Colombes and Paris) or by phone with the apps WhatsApp and Skype.