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Would you like dietetics care for weight loss? Are you suffering from fibromyalgia, intestinal disorders, fatigue, an autoimmune disease or from thyroid issues? Are you prone to food intolerance? Or, are you sporty and looking to improve your performance? These are different indications, and their solutions can be found in your plate!

My nutrition coaching programmes

Pictogramme balance
Pictogramme intestin
Pictogramme inflammation
Pictogramme grossesse
Pictogramme fatigue
Pictogramme végétarisme
Pictogramme cancer
Pictogramme sport

If none of these programmes matches your situation, it’s normal. Let’s take some time to talk about it and we we will adapt together solutions to your situation.

The Health Food Booklet

The Health Food Booklet is YOUR booklet, in which you will note and record information about your food, but also about your behaviour during your meals.
For example, you could note:

– All foods consumed, specifying the quantities
– Preparation methods and cooking processes: steamed, grilled, mashed…
– Times of meals and snack places: restaurant, on the go, cafeteria…
– Your mood during your meals: pleasure, guilt, sadness, lets you take…

This Health Food Booklet will allow you to become aware of your eating behaviour. It formalises what you eat, in which quantity and of which quality. It will also help you spot the situations, emotional states and issues that lead you to overeat or to consume unhealthy foods.
The objective of this booklet is not for me to judge you, but to have concrete information and a complete, clear and objective view of your food habits and of your attitude towards food. This information will help me to better understand you and to therefore offer you an adapted support and care. Be honest in your Health Food Booklet !

Consultations tariffs

The first consultation costs 65 to 85 euros.

We also offer follow-up consultations packages.

Would you like to meet me for a consultation ?

Appointments available at my practices (in Bois-Colombes and Paris) or by phone with the apps WhatsApp and Skype.